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The World Of AI (Chat GPT) & Web Development

With the revolutionary appearance of Chat GPT, many people are wondering what it means for their jobs and future. What exactly is this ChatGPT, and can it be used along-side the already existing system for web and content design?

OpenAI dropped ChatGPT in November, 2022. Driven by AI (artificial intelligence) technology, ChatGPT is a processing tool that allows human-like conversations with a chatbot. It can also answer questions and help with tasks such as emails, essays and types of code.

ChatGPT is already being used in the following ways:

● In customer service by providing customers with accurate and personalized order and

request information in a quick manner.

● In Research by giving users exact information needed quickly.

● Providing creators with ideas for artwork, or pieces of writing.

● In families by helping plan vacations, recipes, presents ideas and providing household


● Chat GPT can help with coding by assisting developers with languages such as Python,

JavaScript and Ruby.

What does this mean for web developers?

Some of the well-known uses of ChatGPT is writing code, summarizing information,

programming languages, debugging and problem solving. ChatGPT can write code and build a website by request but some functionalities still need human knowledge and interaction. It may be hard to believe, but ChatGPT can admit mistakes, answer conversationally, reply to follow-up questions using information previously, challenge inaccuracies, and control its answers.

The development of highly-skilled AI tools, such as Chat GPT, can be used to benefit web

developers. Here are a few reasons.

● Right now, ChatGPT’s coding abilities are limited to basic code, so ChatGPT can only

handle the basic coding that software developers do. By using ChatGPT, the developers

can focus their time and energy on more complicated tasks.

● ChatGPT’s code is based on code that it has previously seen, so it isn’t always easy to

maintain, bug-free, safe or well-documented.

● Web developers have to code, build the structure of a program, apply changes, take

requests into consideration, and generate exactly what is needed, and ChatGPT is still a

far way off of being able to do all of this.

● ChatGPT can lead to the creation of roles such as AI experts.

ChatGPT may eventually become more of a skill and tool for web developers to master so the

developers can focus more on more complex tasks.

Here are a few ways ChatGPT can help web developers:

● More personalized customer experience

● Automating customer/client support

● Content creation enhancement

● Improved customer experience

● Assistance with market research

Keep in mind, however, as with all new tools, there are bound to be drawbacks and ChatGPT is no exception. The factual accuracy of ChatGPT isn’t 100% and can have problems handling multiple users at one time. You also need to remember that ChatGPT is a “content generator” and can’t create designs.

It will provide a response describing what you should code, design or write. ChatpGPT lacks expertise as it is an AI. It is only able to give you generic and basic information, which is why you need human specialists.

So should web developers be worried that ChatGPT will take their jobs? It seems unlikely,

although the AI technology can be used in many ways to enhance the web developers jobs.

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