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Does My Business Really Need A Blog

Having a successful business comes from getting noticed. One way to do that is by adding

content, or a blog, to your marketing campaign. If you are wondering if a blog is right for your business, keep reading.

Does Your Business Need a Blog?

Blogs bring awareness to your business, your brand, and your website. They allow you to show your expertise to customers and knowledge makes you attractive. Builds a reputation, or rather an e-reputation (online reputation).

Companies with blogs get better marketing results and on average 55% more visitors than

those without a blog. Blogging is a long-term marketing strategy that can help your business by making your business stand out among others, showcasing your expertise, products, and building your business’ reputation. A blog will improve Google ranking, increase site traffic, get leads, and help your business be a go-to resource for customers. By having this strategy, businesses have a step up over other businesses on the web.

Inbound marketing is becoming more popular, both B2B and B2C are attracting customers.

Inbound marketing attracts customers by creating a good experience and encouraging a long- term relationship. Part of this part of marketing strategy is content marketing, and is considered the best inbound marketing strategy.

Why Have a Blog?

A blog with relevant information will help google find your business. You will also be able to

share content on social media platforms and in newsletter form.

Customers are more inclined to buy products they have seen or read about in articles. A blog encourages visitors to check out other pages on your website to get more information. The more content you have for your blog, the better.

Written content that is engaging and current is still not enough. You need to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By using keyword research, SEO writing, and optimizing content, you will increase your ranking on google over time.

How to Create Content Ideas for your Blog

Once you have decided to add a blog to your business, you will want to create ideas. Here are some suggestions to help you generate content.

● Do your research. You can have your readers or customers do surveys to see what they

want answers to, or what type of help they need, what product they are looking for, and

what topics they would be interested in reading. Your readers can provide the best type

of feedback.

● Fill your blog with content and topics that are relevant or related to your business.

Content needs to be timeless and current. This idea goes back to having relevant

information on your products, business, and services.

● Write content that can answer or solve your customers’ issues. By writing content with

the answers, old and new customers will be directed to your blog. Write blogs that

address common questions. By doing this, you can easily send customers to those

blogs. Make sure the answers are clear and easy to find.

● Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This system uses keywords that will get your

business noticed by Google, and increase your ranking.

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